Top Design Trends For South Bay Homes in 2016

Posted by Marketing Manager on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 9:11am.

At the beginning of each year, it’s usually quite common to see a wide range of articles hit the internet about top new design trends for home owners to consider when doing a quick in-home, which makes a lot of sense. After all, what better way to kick off a new year than with a fresh new look and feel inside where you live, right?

While such articles are usually a pretty fun read, what many don’t take into consideration is where your specific home is located in relation to certain design trends that are taking the nation by storm. Generally speaking, a county or southwestern motif is best kept on the farm or down on the ranch rather than out here in the beautiful South Bay region, regardless of how hot certain design elements may be right now. So after sorting through what’s expected to be some of the coolest design trends in 2016, here are a few that might work best out here in beach country.

Tech-Less Living Rooms

Call it old-fashioned if you want, but many feel 2016 is the year we start ditching all those digital distractions and finding more ways to relax at home away from the screen. So instead of TVs and tablets, living rooms in 2016 are for curling up with a good book or chatting with family, friends, and house guests—IN PERSON! Don’t worry, though. Smart features and gadgets aren’t going anywhere and there’s plenty of other parts of the house that will surely feature all those nifty little devices, just not in the living room of 2016.

Tech-Less Living Rooms in South Bay Homes

Formal Dining Rooms

Sticking with the “conversing in person” theme, incorporating a formal dining area seems to be making a comeback in 2016. Over the last few years, the more trendy way to use a possible dining room space was to convert it into an office or media room, but now, designers are bringing back the idea of sit-down meals at home; and it’s about time!

Formal Dining Rooms in South Bay Homes

Bathrooms with “Living Spaces”

Like something you’d expect to find in a lavish hotel penthouse suite, bathrooms that feel more like living spaces are red hot right now. In 2016, designers will start incorporating many more “homey” finishes to master bathrooms, including plush arm chairs, small end tables, books, and even fresh flowers.

Bathroom Design in South Bay

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Although using reclaimed wood has been popular for a couple years now, it’s showing no signs of slowing down in 2016. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, furniture or accent pieces made from reclaimed wood are perfect for giving any home a touch of charm and character without going overboard. And for the most part, you can mix in reclaimed wood with just about any home style, which also helps boost its popularity.

Using Reclaimed Wood When Re-Modeling Your South Bay Home

Don't Forget About Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’re thinking about making over your home in 2016, it should go without saying that here in Southern California, the outside living spaces are just as important as the indoor living spaces. And this year’s theme is to stick with a clean, comfortable, and inviting look and feel throughout. Lots of white surrounded by lush colorful plants and landscaping will set your outdoor space apart, and probably impress a few home buyers along the way too if you’re looking to sell your South Bay home sometime over the next 12 month.

Outdoor Living Spaces Around South Bay

Bold/Contemporary Kitchen Lighting

Distinguished lighting in the kitchen is also something that’s gaining momentum in 2016, so if you’re making some changes to this part of the house, don’t underestimate the importance of the light fixtures. And don’t be afraid to go with something big and bold that stands out. Depending on the rest of your kitchen layout, many designers are also leaning more towards chic and contemporary for the kitchen design elements, especially when it comes to lighting.

Contemporary Lighting in the Kitchen

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