Supply VS. Demand In South Bay Real Estate

Posted by Rob Freedman on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 10:12am.

There are many aspects influencing the real estate market on a daily bases. In the South Bay, it seems that supply and demand are the overwhelming culprits responsible for our real estate market. Supply still lags behind demand and the pressure on prices, particularly with continuing low interest rates is relentless.

2015 promises more of the same, but my intuition (honed through 4 real estate cycles) tells me that 2015 may be the pinnacle of our current cycle – so if you are thinking of doing anything different in terms of housing – this may be the best time.

It costs you nothing to meet with us and pick our brain regarding how you can better assess and realize your real estate goals. This consultation process is something on which our clients have depended on for over 30 years. Whether you currently own and are thinking about selling or whether you are thinking about purchasing a new home, our team will help advise and guide you throughout the process. No other team of Realtors in the South Bay offers the suite of services and years of knowledge that we do. 

As summer approaches, we’re bound to see a little uptick in inventory as sellers prepare for the rush of summer homebuyers. Although this slight increase in available homes will be a breath of fresh air for our market, we don’t think it’ll have much of an influence on home prices due to demand still holding strong.

Today's Real Estate Market

What we’re seeing in today’s South Bay real estate market is that if a home is priced well and marketed even better, it’s snatched up by an eager buyer in no time. Paired with the right market exposure, homes are constantly being sold off market, above asking price. We have been a part of several pocket-listing sales in the first quarter of 2015 alone. If you’re worried about discretion or nosey neighbors wanting to peak into your home when you’re selling, ask us about how we can get your home sold without it ever being made public! Thanks to the increase in competition between those looking for homes, buyers are willing to pay “buy it now” prices in order to get their dream home and beat out the competition.

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of selling your home, now’s the perfect time to look into how much it’s worth in today’s market. Give us a call and schedule your no strings home value consultation today. Your neighbors are selling and walking away hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit, don’t be left behind wondering what if. 

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