A New Addition to the South Bay Smart Home

Posted by Greg Geilman on Friday, July 3rd, 2015 at 3:59pm.

The Future of Personalized Lighting For Your Home

From the moment we wake up each morning to when we turn in for the night, light is central to everyone’s day. We tech aficionados have let unintelligent fluorescent and LED light bulbs control this central part of our lives for too long. “Hue,” the new personal wireless lighting technology from Philips, is looking to change the way you and I think about lighting our homes by putting us in full control.

With a handful of intuitive LED light bulbs ready to be screwed straight into your current light fixtures and an app for your smart phone, Hue lets you control your personal lighting to wake you up, brighten your home, reduce your environmental impact, boost your mood, and keep you informed  – all in the palm of your hand and from anywhere in the world. As I’ve said before – customization is key, and Hue has the product range to support it. From smart light bulbs to lamps and light strips, Hue is launching with all the lighting options you could want. Once your lights are setup, the Hue app has a huge variety of options to customize your lighting for different times, tones, and levels of brightness. Experiment with different lighting patterns or select the lighting from a photo of a sunset in your inbox and tailor your room’s lighting to match. With so many options it's easy to never have uninspired lighting again.

Cool blue lighting for mornings, warm yellow lighting for evenings, and bright even lighting for productive middays.  Hue’s “light recipes” include “relax”, “concentrate”, and “energize” all built to enhance the home environment to fit our needs at any time. With subtle reinforcement of our natural cycles, Hue promotes positive well-being seamlessly by matching our daily cycles to dynamic lighting. 

For myself and our clients lighting plays an especially important role. Setting the mood for a home that is warm and inviting during an open house can be critical. The best new gadgets in our tech arsenals bring a new level of quality to our lives fluidly. Which is why Hue allows us to relieve a sunset simply by setting a photo as a palette and saving a new “scene” to use everyday. Saving any of the beautiful South Bay sunsets for use in a Hue scene is sure to bring out the best in any home!

Why Do I Care?

If you live in a home, then a smart home can be a real luxury. Dynamic lighting preferences and favorite “scenes” is only the beginning of what hue can do for homeowners. Linking Hue to data feeds through the If This Then That service (IFTTT.com) opens up a world of possibility for lighting notifications. Simply set a command on your smartphone, or smartwatch, and have your lights brighten to announce an important email or dim when it’s time for your favorite show. Functionality for responsive lighting stops only with imagination and the idea of experiencing your lights use geofencing technology to welcome you home at the end of a long day is truly uplifting. How can technology improve the quality of my life? This is how!

As always, please reach out at any time to chat about our tech explorations and, of course, all things real estate.

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