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At the beginning of each year, it’s usually quite common to see a wide range of articles hit the internet about top new design trends for home owners to consider when doing a quick in-home, which makes a lot of sense. After all, what better way to kick off a new year than with a fresh new look and feel inside where you live, right?

While such articles are usually a pretty fun read, what many don’t take into consideration is where your specific home is located in relation to certain design trends that are taking the nation by storm. Generally speaking, a county or southwestern motif is best kept on the farm or down on the ranch rather than out here in the beautiful South Bay region, regardless of how hot certain design elements may be right now. So after

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Last year we were selected to be the Official South Bay Realtors of the Los Angeles Kings and supported our team through a very close season. We had plenty of ups and downs and highlights, including inviting the mayor of Manhattan Beach out to ride a Zamboni at the Staples Center and sponsoring the 2015 Taste of the South Bay event. Partnering with the Kings also let us help them give back by supporting the Kings Care Foundation's commitment to promoting education and health in Los Angeles. We're extremely proud of what our team was able to accomplish both on and off the ice and loved cheering them on every step of the way.

This year with some new blood coming onto the Kings roster and a bright season ahead, we're proud to announce that we have

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Stepping into a personal virtual reality house tour at any time of day from the comfort of your own living room is the holy grail of tech integration with real estate. We’ve already talked about video tours in our review of Google Glass, but a fully immersive VR tour is miles past even the highest quality video streaming. With VR tech continuing to develop it’s almost time to make that vision a reality. 

So far the tools of realizing our VR dreams, such as the Oculus Rift, carry price tags heavy enough to make them about as feasible as the Star Trek holodeck. To be truly workable in real estate, VR needs to be cheap to use, easy to integrate, and quick to set up. In this new realm of ultra high-tech convenience-based

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The Future of Personalized Lighting For Your Home

From the moment we wake up each morning to when we turn in for the night, light is central to everyone’s day. We tech aficionados have let unintelligent fluorescent and LED light bulbs control this central part of our lives for too long. “Hue,” the new personal wireless lighting technology from Philips, is looking to change the way you and I think about lighting our homes by putting us in full control.

With a handful of intuitive LED light bulbs ready to be screwed straight into your current light fixtures and an app for your smart phone, Hue lets you control your personal lighting to wake you up, brighten your home, reduce your environmental impact, boost your mood, and keep you informed  – all in

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As the above chart shows, the local Manhattan Beach real estate market is still on fire, marked by low inventory that is driving higher prices for many properties.  Multiple offers on listed properties are more the norm than the exception.  The entire South Bay is in a similar spot.  But it must be noted that that the entire country is not enjoying this type of real estate market.  Our area feels like it is part of a resurgent economy. And, in fact, our little snapshot of the world is doing pretty well indeed.  So, it begs the question: how long is it going to last?  If the government continues to help hold interest rates down, and the result is not a vibrant economy nationwide, what will happen when rates inevitably rise?

It is conceivable that

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There are many aspects influencing the real estate market on a daily bases. In the South Bay, it seems that supply and demand are the overwhelming culprits responsible for our real estate market. Supply still lags behind demand and the pressure on prices, particularly with continuing low interest rates is relentless.

2015 promises more of the same, but my intuition (honed through 4 real estate cycles) tells me that 2015 may be the pinnacle of our current cycle – so if you are thinking of doing anything different in terms of housing – this may be the best time.

It costs you nothing to meet with us and pick our brain regarding how you can better assess and realize your real estate goals. This consultation process is something on which our clients have

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The South Bay real estate market remains as hot as it ever was. Low interest rates have made real estate investment even more attractive than ever, because so many more properties make sense from an investment perspective now. The idea that you can buy a single-family residence with 30% down, rent it out and actually MAKE money would have been absurd to think about just a few years ago. And purchasing larger buildings makes even more sense now. Real estate is the ONLY investment vehicle that gives you all four benefits of ownership:

1)   Cash Flow that increases over time
2)   Tax Benefits that help offset your cash flow
3)   Building Equity – tenants liquidate your debt
4)   Appreciation – this is the big one

The beach cities are an excellent place

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